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Talk of the Table | Mercy Housing - March 3, 2020

KAYSVILLE , UT - We teamed up with Mercy Housing to host the first ever Tabletop For Teens session! Our teens began learning the basics of Dungeons & Dragons starting with gameplay and character creation. This will be the first time any of them have ever played a tabletop roleplaying game and we are both thrilled and honored to take part in this adventure! Our party of 6 is coming together:

- Cordelia, Tiefling Druid

- Flash, Blue-scaled Dragonborn Fighter

- Sweet Mango Smarty Crunchy Chipotle ... , Elf Sorcerer

- Vavaros, Black-scaled Dragonborn Barbarian

- Scalingtief, Tiefling Fighter

- Harry Potter Styles, Human Wizard

We can’t wait to see how these incredible teens tackle their first adventure in D&D. Check out these awesome photos featuring some of this week’s highlights.

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